At iMude we make use of specialized equipment for Orthopaedic and Cardiac tests. This ensures that we deliver a world-class service to help you recover.

Orthopaedic Equipment

This machine tests the strength of muscles in all the major joints of the body (excluding the neck). The information gathered during these tests is very helpful in giving us an understanding into your injury. Normative data is captured comparing 20 variables of muscle function between the left and right side and norms.

For example, a patient who has had knee surgery may discover that there is still a difference in strength between the injured side and the non-injured side 5 months later. Another use for the Biodex is to rule out whether strengthening is required. For example, in the case where the strength of the injured and uninjured leg is the same, then we know the problem is likely to be coming from elsewhere.

The multi cervical unit is a specialized machine for testing the muscular function of a patient’s neck. A baseline questionnaire gives us an understanding into your condition and safety of testing. Neck strength is measured in 15 different angles, and neck range of motion can be tested in more than 6 different angles (all 3 planes of movement).

Results get mapped out into graphs and compared to norms. This way we can see exactly where our patient has a block in their range of motion as well as weakness in their muscle strength. This is an excellent tool to assist in the decision making process for post whiplash complications, concussion, headaches and chronic neck pain.

Specialized Equipment

Our specialized equipment is used for testing in Orthopaedic, Cardiac and lung function treatments

Biodex Equipment

MCU Equipment

Cardiac and Lung Function Equipment

12 Lead ECG testing

Our Advanced ECG monitoring allows results to be emailed to Cardiologists/Specialists/Doctors for further investigation and intervention.


The Spirometer measures lung function, specifically the amount and/or speed of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. The results for your lung function tests can be sent to your Specialist/Doctor for further interpretation and comments.

O2 saturation

This device measures the level of oxygen in your blood. This is particularity important in patients that suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, congestive heart failure and other medical conditions.

12 Lead ECG Testing Equipment

Lung Function Equipment ( Spirometer )


State of the art paperless system whereby we can email you documentation to be completed pre-arrival
Confidential access exclusive to Bio’s in charge of the patient’s rehab. Referring doctors may access information upon request.
Upload facilities to store all of our x-rays, doctor’s notes, medication etc.
Patient access to software for retrieval of excercise programmes and other rehab specific information.

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