4 types of massage

Sports Massage, Baby Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and a Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

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What is baby massage?
It is a gently and rhythmic massage technique comprising of rubbing and stroking the baby’s muscle through specific techniques starting from their toes all the way to their neck. This technique was developed by Peter Walker over 40 years and now used world wide to bring drastic emotional and physical change to babies.
From what age can you bring a baby for massage?
From as little as 10 days old
How long are session?
20 – 30 minutes
What are some of the benefits?


Reduces stress in babies by increasing endorphins and reducing cortisol


Cleanses baby’s skin of dead cells


Healthy growth – touch enhances development of vitamins, minerals and proteins for baby growth


Increases ability of pituitary gland to produce growth hormones


Improve blood circulation


Stimulates vagus nerve which increases food absorption hormones such as insulin and glucose
How often must I bring my baby?
To 2 x per week.  The frequency is also dependent on the benefits seen within the baby after each massage.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage – used for pre and post sporting events. This type of massage is also very good during increased bouts of training/exercise. A whole body massage.
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage – used mostly for specific areas on your body. For examples for runners this massage will focus more on their legs and calf muscles.
Relaxing Therapeutic Massage
Relaxing Therapeutic Massage – used for calming and therapeutic treatment of the whole body.

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